Our Oysters

The Crassostrea Virginica, also known as the Atlantic Oyster, is a species native to the eastern seaboard of North America and the Gulf of Mexico. Compared to Pacific oysters, Crassostrea Virginica oysters are slightly smaller and have a smoother shell. The shell's interior is usually off-white or brown and filled with delicious creamy, white meat.

The Atlantic Oyster is known for its distinctive, salty flavour and meaty texture. Filled with protein and Omega 3 fats, they are the perfect treat for any occasion. Our oysters can be prepared in many ways, we recommend that they be consumed raw but cooking them is also a delicious option. Oysters can be steamed, sauteed, grilled or baked.

Our Bay

Our bay is located in the Northern Atlantic coastal region of New Brunswick. With minimal human activity, our oysters grow far away from impurities and pollution. Furthermore, the cold water of our region gives our oysters a fresh taste and a longer shelf life. We have almost 100 acres of growing space which is naturally protected from storms and other weather systems.