Our Process

Oysters grow naturally in the nutrient-rich bodies of bays and coastlines. To cultivate our oysters, we use farming methods known as raised farming. This means that they are held in floating cages and float within the top 18 inches of the water where plankton are most available. Our oysters are grown in a secluded bay away from any pollution and naturally protected from storms and other weather systems. They naturally feed in our plankton-rich bay for five years instead of 7-8 years for bottom growing methods. Furthermore, our farming method allows us to grow cleaner oysters, grown away from sea floor impurities. Cages are flipped up to 48 hours to naturally kill any accumulated impurities through natural UV rays emitted from the sun.

Oyster Kings operate out of a 4,000-square-foot facility with equipment at the cutting edge of technology. Equipped with a caring team of processing specialists, our oysters go through a thorough inspection where they are checked for freshness, quality and size. Afterwards, a final inspection is carried before they are carefully packaged..

Our deep water bay allows us to properly winterize our operations and offer our customers fresh oysters on a year-round basis. Our team of professional cultivators head to the frozen bay and cut holes through the thick ice. Our oysters are then harvested and directly transported to our processing facility where they are sorted, cleaned, packaged and shipped.

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The first step of harvesting oysters is to grow them. We start out by harvesting naturally spawned oysters. Using special gear, we gather millions of spawns which are then brought to the facility, processed and divided into larger cages. These larger cages will allow the oysters to grow property for approximately five years before they are harvested again for consumption.
At the end of the full growing cycle, our team of harvest professionals gather the cages and quickly deliver them to the processing facility. Our team can harvest oysters during all four seasons. During the harsh winters, we use All-Terrain vehicles to navigate the frozen bay and chainsaws to cut through the thick ice and harvest the mature oysters.
Oysters are distributed live and are frequently eaten raw. A thorough quality process and freshness inspection are absolutely necessary. Oyster Kings has developed a system where the sense of smell, touch, and sight, as well as the latest technologies, are used to process and sort the oysters. This allows us to offer some of the most consistent and fresh oysters on the market.
Shipping & Customer Service
Being a family business, customer service is very important to us. We work closely with our customers to optimize communication and achieve the top level of satisfaction. We ship fresh oysters from our facility to our customers across the world twice a week. We export to countries in North America and Europe as well as Asia.